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Our cafe brings a touch of city dining to the countryside. Offering quality food, drinks and coffee. Choose from an array of tasty dishes in the form of small plates, sandwiches, brunch dishes and lots and lots of cake and baked goods. We aim to offer a place to unwind and socialise in the heart of Killearn.


"Everything about this place is great. The staff, decor, views and most importantly the coffee and food are all amazing!"





Chimi’ Avo Eggs

Smashed avocado, soused tomatoes, rose harissa topped with poached hens egg and chimichurri on sourdough



Nduja and Roast Pepper Shakshuka with Hens Egg

An Nduja, tomato, roast pepper and onion sauce topped with two perfectly poached eggs and dukkah. Served with grilled sourdough



Goat's Cheese and Roasted Squash Pancake

Savoury pancake made with crumbled goat's cheese, roasted squash and rosemary topped with hen's eggs and coated in chimichurri.


Salmon Omelette

Three egg omelette, with oils and smoked salmon



Baked Asparagus

Baked Asparagus on a bed of pea shoots topped with hen's eggs and parmesan




Can also be enjoyed as a sharing side or starter

Kitchen Ultimate Tuna Salad

A mix of tuna, anchovies, olives, butter beans, capers, red onion, basil leaves, tomatoes and mixed leaves, served with toasted sourdough


Halloumi Chips

Traditional Cyprian cheese coated in panko crumb- £5.95

Choice of Salts- Sea, Rosemary, Chicken

Choice of dip- Aioli, spiced tomato, chimichurri or tomyum mayo- £1.50

Add truffle oil and parmesan- £1.50

Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese Salad

Add Italian Mortadella (£2 supp)

A delicate marinated tomato pesto and pea shoot salad topped with a whole Mozzarella ball, basil leaves, truffle oil and served wth toasted garlic sourdough.


Whipped Goat's Cheese

Whipped goat's cheese topped with pomegranate seeds and pistachio crumb, drizzled with honey and served with toasted sourdough.



The Kitchen Window's Signature brioche French toast with your choice of the following toppings...

Caramelised banana, pecans and white chocolate chips

Strawberries, Nutella & chocolate chips

Blueberry Cheesecake- Blueberry honey cream cheese, biscuit crumb and blueberries

Peach Melba- Vanilla flavoured raspberry and peach mascarpone, charred peach slices and granola crumb

Streaky bacon & maple syrup

ALL £11.95



Smoked salmon & lemon dill cream cheese, pickled red onion in a bagel


Flat iron steak char-grilled and served in a sourdough ciabatta with parmesan shavings, aioli & chimichurri


Vegan PAT bagel- Roasted peppers, avocado, soused tomatoes, rocket, vegan mayo and chimichurri served in a bagel.#


The halloumi stack. Brioche bun filled with smashed avocado, soused tomatoes, bacon, fried egg and a dollop of Chimichurri.


The Reuben- A sourdough toastie smothered with a garlic mustard mayo with salt beef, jarlsberg cheese and sauerkraut.


Tomyum Chicken Slice - Panko breaded chicken topped with a fried egg and kimchi slaw and drizzled with Tom Yum sauce and chilli oil, sevred on a sourdough slice



Can also be enjoyed as a sharing side or a starter

All served with a choice of aioli, spiced tomato or chimichurri. Top your croquettes with 2 poached eggs for £2.

Nduja sausage & Manchego cheese

Red rooster potato with Nduja Sausage & Manchego cheese


Mozzarella & Tomato

Red Rooster Potato with Mozzarella & Sunblushed tomato


Haddock, Roast pimento peppers & Capers

Red rooster potato with smoked haddock, roast pimento peppers & capers.



We can cater and deliver for birthday parties, wakes and any other celebrations.


Your menu can be bespoke or also a combination of what we have to offer in the restaurant

Get in touch below!



King Prawn Avo Slice

King prawns cooked with garlic, finished with a fresh tomato salsa. Served with avocado toast



Baked Pasta Ratatouille

Penne pasta baked with peppers, aubergine and courgette in a rich tomato sauce 



Short rib with barley risotto

Slow braised short rib served with a thyme, mushroom and parmesan and barley risotto topped with dukkah.



Sticky Pork Bao Buns

Slow cooked belly pork marinated in a honey, thyme and chilli sauce served with kimchi slaw and loaded into a Bao Bun


Wild Mushroom Pan Fried Gnocchi

Wild mushroom pan fried gnocchi served with wild mushrooms, spinach and topped with parmesan


Soup of the Day

Vegetarian soup served with sourdough (ask your server)



Kitchen's Ultimate hand-cut chips


Choice of Salts- Sea, Rosemary, Chicken

Choice of dip- Aioli, spiced tomato, chimichurri or tomyum mayo- £1.50

Add truffle oil and parmesan- £1.50


All dishes come with a small apple or orange juice

Tomato and Herb Pasta

Pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes, tossed in a tomato and herb sauce

Three Egg Cheese Omelette

Served with a tomato salad and hand-cut chips

Chicken and Slaw

Panko Breaded chicken served with house slaw and chips

Soup 'n' Bagel

Soup of the day served with a bacon and cheese bagel

ALL £6.95


Our selection of baked goods vary subject to availability. Please ask your server for today's selection


Espresso £2.50


Espresso macchiato £2.60


Americano £2.70


Flat white  £2.80

Cappucino £2.80


Mocha £2.90


Latte £2.80


Iced Latte £2.80


Teas (ask your server) £2.50

(add caramel, hazelnut, vanilla for 25p)

(Decaf and non dairy milk including soya, almond, oat and coconut also available)

Ultimate Hot Chocolate £3.00

Topped with cream, marshmallows, choc chips with a cacao dusting 



Shakes  £4.95

Choose from Biscoff, Nutella, Oreo, Strawberry Crumble, Caramel & Banana, Vanilla!

(add a shot of coffee to any shake for £1)

Drinks Menu


Orange Juice £2.50


Apple Juice £2.50


San Pellegrino Lemon £2.50


San Pellegrino Orange  £2.50


Coke £2.50


Diet Coke £2.50

Irn Bru £2.50


Diet Irn Bru £2.50


Sparkling Apple £2.50


Ginger Beer £2.50


Still Water £1.95

Sparkling Water £1.95


Ask your server for today's beer selection.

Subject to availability



Bottle - £27.95

175ml Glass - £6.95



Bottle - £25.95

175ml Glass - £6.95 


Bottle - £23.95

175ml Glass - £5.95 


Mini Bottle - 200ml - £7.95 

Large Bottle - 200ml - £22.95



Bottle - £25.95

175ml Glass - £6.95


Bottle - £22.95

175ml Glass - £5.95


Food Menu
Please advise your server of any allergeies and an allergen list can be made available upon request.
Gluten free bread is available- ask your server




"David & Sarah can’t wait to welcome you to The Kitchen Window. Its a place to relax, catch up with friends and watch the world go by over great views, food & drink.  


With years of expertise in hospitality running a highly regarded cafe bars - they’re eager to make a real contribution to their local community and provide something just that little bit different…


The support from all of our new customers & friends since our launch during difficult times has been incredible! Follow our Facebook & Instagram pages for the very latest news, updates and mouth-watering food"



Opening  Hours

Mondays - Always closed

Tuesday to Sunday - 10.00am - 17.00pm

Last food orders 16.00pm

The Kitchen Window

Killearn Village Hall

5 Balfron Road


G63 9NL


Tel: 01360 550116

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